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About Michelle- The Creator 


Hi There, 

I’m Michelle, the creator of The Mommython brand.

I am a mom of seven, living in sunny Southern California. I started off as a teen mom, not ideal some may say, but I would not have traded anything of my life experiences for the world, because they have made me who I am today.  Being a mom of a large blended family has allowed me some pretty good insight on ways to maneuver through mom life, not to say I’m an expert, but God knows I have gained my share of knowledge raising these seven.


Through my time as a mom, I have been in several different stages of life.  I’ve been a single mom,  a corporate 9/5 mom, a stay at home mom, and an Entrepreneurial Mom, but throughout the different stages, one thing has always remained the same, a child just wants MOM no matter the struggle or the success.

I am excited to share this site with you and excited for all the upcoming events and launches that will be happening with The Mommython brand in the next few months and year, so please subscribe to our email list and stay tuned!!




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