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Removing Harmful Pesticides

Pesticides are poisons and they can harm more than just the “pests” which they are intended to target. They are toxic, and exposure to pesticides have been proven

to cause a number of negative health effects. They are linked to a wide range of serious illnesses and diseases from respiratory issues to cancer. Farmers spray oil-based pesticides to prevent being eaten by bugs and birds, etc.

The Enagic® machines produce up to 5 types of healthy water to keep your food clean! By combining the strengths of Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5), Strong Kangen Water (pH 11.5), and Kangen Water® (pH 9.5), you can have peace of mind that our food is safe.


3 simple steps we take ensure that your food is healthy and chemical-free:


Soak fruits, vegetables, in a bowl of Strong Kangen pH2.5 water for 10 minutes. The Strong Acidic Water can sanitize and remove bacteria from your food.


Transfer to a bowl containing Strong Kangen Water (pH11.5), and soak for another 15-20 minutes. Strong Kangen Water is a great emulsifier for removing insecticides, herbicides and pesticides from your fruits and Vegetables.


Give a final good rinse with Kangen Water®(9.5pH) and you're ready to eat or store.


Pesticides are oil-based, so tap water which too contains harmful agents and bottled waters just can’t get rid of the pesticides, but Strong Kangen Water (11.5pH) is a powerful agent that will break apart the pesticide, leaving your food clean and chemical-free. Enagic® is a proven product that can remove these harmful chemicals off your food.

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