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2020 Summer Doesn't Have To Be A Total Bust!

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Summertime safety is often full of water, UV, and fire safety reminders, but this summer may feel a little different. For many people, summertime usually means public pools, playgrounds, and vacations. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, some areas have been closed or are unsafe. Does this mean that you cannot be safe and have fun this summer? Absolutely not! Enjoying the summer may look different this year, but you can still enjoy your favorite activities while avoiding illness.

Activities you can do at home

Being active is one of the best parts of summer. You can do fun things like climb trees, splash in the water, or race your friends. Physical activity is still good for you and your children. Think of activities you can do in your local area that do not require social contact. Children may be able to play in parks in some regional areas, but you may not feel comfortable not being able to control your surroundings, and that is okay.

Water play

Toy wash- Small children may enjoy activities such as toy washes (think car wash for toys). Just give your child a bucket of clean water and one for soapy water. Let your child wash toys that can safely be immersed in water. Plastic dinosaurs, baby dolls, dishes, and firetrucks might be options. You could also hold a toy car wash and wash all the toy cars. Get creative.

· Water Fight- Water balloons, water guns, and water hoses can be magnificent fun for children. Let them play with their siblings or get out there with them. Compete to see who can stay the driest!

Virtual Play Dates

Virtual dance party- You could set up a Facetime, Google Meets, or Zoom meeting dance party for your child and his or her friends. You could even let each person play their favorite song or teach everyone a dance. Activity and socialization are good for the body and soul.

· Crafting- Take turns with friends teaching a craft, cooking lesson, or how to. Let each person decide the theme for their session. They would need to let parents know what supplies are required ahead of time, but they would keep in contact and learn new skills.

Head Outside

·Races- Race neighborhood children in an obstetrical course. Mark starting and ending points and let the kids race. Make sure that they are not touching or coming in close contact. You could even have them run the “course” alone and compare times with other children virtually. Record the “race” on your camera.

· Have a picnic- Nothing says that you cannot take your food outside. If you live in an apartment, find a space in a nearby park or beach to have a picnic and take a walk. Stay far from others, but enjoy time with your family.

Bottom Line

Having fun outside and enjoying your summer doesn’t have to be a dream. Get creative. For those of you who grew up in the “analog” age, what did you do? Did you run outside, play in the dirt, and drink from the hose? Introduce the good ole days to your children. Maybe skip the hose if you are afraid of rust or don’t have access, but enjoy their childhood with remnants of the past!

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